Thursday, February 17, 2011

Intro to me and my slave

Just a brief intro to us. We will remain nameless in this blog as we prefere to keep our private life, private.
Im 24 and somewhat new to the world of bdsm. I am a dom, and also a 'diaper lover.' for those who dont know, it means I have a fetish for adult diapers. I think they are comfortable to wear, and look sexy on women. I rarely wear them because it makes me feel less dominant. But I often use them to keep my slave in her place. I find it to be a great assistance in some activities. My slave finds them generally uncomfortable, and hates the feeling of being damp. So I can make her hold her bladder for extended periods. Ill tell her the bathroom is off limits and that I will allow her to use the toilet at X time. Or if she cant hold it, ill change her and make her wear one even longer. In public I can make her wear one with a short skirt over it, and watch her struggle to keep it hidden. Her punishments include spanking, long term diaper wearing, anal plugs, gags, and on rare occasion she is given an enema and forced to wear a diaper for X amount of time.
Rewards are orgasms, bitting, bondage, and whatever seems appropriate. We have a date this weekend and ill tell you about it soon. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy my blog.